LANDEL ENGINEERING Company built confidence with reference to professional and trustworthy service on steel engineering sector by completing enormous amount of successful projects through out the country. Always we stand out from other competitors for a number of major reasons. Those are, Unmatched Customer Service putting client satisfaction as our number one priority and superior products, services and engineering consultancies which ensures the highest quality of our work. Apart from that, we follow stringent quality control measures for maximum durability and consistency on every step of the way. Our highly experienced skilled workforce is ready to provide the services in every way possible. They are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of steel building design and installation practices to meet client's expectations.

LANDEL ENGINEERING Company is prepared to afford any type of building in any size. We also undertake the construction of specialty buildings designed to cater any obligations. Therefore, whatever the building needs, the LANDEL ENGINEERING company is positioned there as a one source supplier from planning to completion.

  • Roof Top Structures
  • Canopy Structures
  • Steel Stair Cases
  • Racking & Storage
  • Mezzanine Installation
  • Multi Storied Buildings
  • Mezzanine Storage
  • 2 Tier Mezzanines
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Farm Houses
  • Car Park Sheds
  • Roof Structures
  • Towers
  • Factories
  • Ware Houses

Roof Top Structures

LANDEL ENGINEERING Company earned a reputation to be a market leader in Roof top structure construction in this cut throat competition, where quality...

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Canopy Structures

Through the years LANDEL ENGINEERING Company has established a proud reputation of quality workmanship and skilled craftsmanship in the commercial...

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Steel Stair Cases

LANDEL ENGINEERING Company is passionate about completing complex design and taking projects from concept to completion. We understand how to coordinate...

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Steel Towers

Solid technical design and great value for money is typical for the towers from LANDEL ENGINEERING Company. We have continually provided a very well designed...

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Farm Houses

LANDEL ENGINEERING Company has been providing high quality, on time construction services for the farm house construction trade. Through the years...

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Car Park Sheds

Car Park Sheds constructed by LANDEL ENGINEERING Company have proven durability and cost effectiveness. Each and every outset of the parks done by us...

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Ware Houses

LANDEL ENGINEERING Company is an industry leader in providing steel warehousing facilities. We offer uncompromising quality and service, and our steel warehouse...

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Factory Buildings

Providing a unique professional building construction and consultancy service, the LANDEL ENGINEERING Company offers high quality workmanship and real...

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Multi Storied Buildings

LANDEL ENGINEERING Company design and builds multi stories for commercial and domestic type buildings in line with modern architectural and structural...

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Mezzanine Floors

Warehouse floor structures are a simple answer to warehouse space needs that is often overlooked. LANDEL ENGINEERING mezzanines have all of the quality and design...

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Mezzanine Installation

LANDEL ENGINEERING Company is specialized in designing structural mezzanines to satisfy the specific requirements of wide variety of applications. The designs...

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Mezzanines for Storage

Installation of a storage mezzanine or elevated platform is one of the most economical ways to create additional storage space in a warehouse, distribution center...

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2 Tier Mezzanines

LANDEL ENGINEERING Two-tier mezzanines are a simple money saving option for commercial and industrial businesses. Two-tier mezzanines constructed by us...

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Racking and Storage

Steel Mezzanines for Racking and Storage purposes are custom engineered and manufactured to quickly add floor space without a costly building expansion or...

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